Love is……..

I have heard a great many things on the topic of love,  from different people. I have heard Bible quotes, and personal ideas and experiences shared. I thought I heard it all until one day someone asked me what love is, and I simply said acceptance.
I thought to myself if someone can get to know the Best and worst of you and still want to be with you and love in spite of that, then that to me is love. Think about it, can you imagine being with someone and they never judge you, or make fun of you, or ridicule you, but in knowing you…… all of you; love you more. It gives me chills to think such a wonderful thing can exist.
Let’s face it,  we aren’t perfect and we have made choices, decisions and mistakes…… some we are proud of and wear like a badge of honor and others not so much. In life there are no take backs or do overs, no reset button and what’s done is done. With this being its nice to meet someone who can accept all of you.


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