Never ending battle 

​Life is all about change and evolution 

Events can bring out the light within, or call forth the darkness to consume you. 

It’s easy to give in, letting dismay and misfortune touch your heart outting the flame within 

Giving the darkness the upper hand 

Feeding it…. Nurturing it…. 

Until your no better than those you once looked down upon. 

Your vengeance and hate will scorch the earth and those you touch, will pray and beg for death….

Cursing the stars that aligned to bring your paths to cross one another. 

You will not be forgotten. 

As bright as the light once was, lies a darkness like none other waiting for it’s chance. 

What will you do?

Which will you choose? 

We think these questions simple and the answer plain 

Life will answer for us all

For me, when such a time comes… I hope on that day it’s the light that wins. 


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