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What are you looking for? They ask

Nothing is my response 

Don’t you miss…..yknow…..

Yknow…what? I ask confused 

Don’t you miss having uh…sex? Like don’t you get urges?

Urges, well everyone has those silly but having sex, while great I can’t say I miss, I replied 

Huh?!? That’s crazy! That doesn’t make sense! they exclaimed 

Well to you maybe not but to me it makes perfect sense. Sex to me is a beautiful act, two souls intertwined, exchanging energy while passions run wild, as you reach a new level of bliss and is this beautiful moment you are most vulnerable. So why compromise yourself because you can’t control your urges?

As the last word escapes my lips a deafening silence falls

Moments later 

But do you ever stop and wonder if your thinking to much into it?

Nope because I feel calm and at peace, have you by chance ever stopped to thinking of your not putting enough thought into it?

My friend shakes her head after informing me that I’m tripping and I smile as I watch her walk away. Is it worth it I wonder?

Sacrificing yourself and a potentially solid relationship just for sex …..

To each their own